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Re: 24 Hour Wheelman Runs

Wed May 27, 2009 6:00 pm

Yeah, Audley pretty much pooped on my head with the sniper rifle a few times in a row at the lower choke of avalanche......but my brain was so past functional, im not sure that I even noticed ::FAIL::

TiberiusAudley wrote:
sevenncarpileup wrote:
Final results are 1804 wheelman medals for me. 1694 total gun kills for Expect2Win (he took an hour off to meet with a professor). So cannon filled in the rest mostly. Thanks to those who ground pounded for us, I have an excel sheet full of a bunch of stats if anyone knows a way I can post that. I might do a more thorough post later but right now I just need to get to bed.

We did our best to contain your run! ::lol::
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Re: 24 Hour Wheelman Runs

Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:48 am

I woke up 1 morning to a coffee table with four empty 8oz cans of Dr. Pepper, 2 Quaker peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars, and one remains of a bowl of cereal...

... Three days before this I found out that I would have the house to myself on a day off. With no time to plan a guys night of poker I wrote a message to my friends. I was going to make a run at the 24 hour record. With in moments I was getting messages back from them, some of which I had'nt played with or drove for in months. Which was good because my main gunner was unable to commit to a full day of playing with such short notice.

3 of us were set to start at 12:01 am but we had to keep backing out to get someone else in. So the official start time was 12:16. We then made a rule that people would first join our party chat then we would get them in after a game finished. This kept in bewteen game time to a minimum. Some time we had a full team most of the time not. Due to the fact that not everyone is a member of h3wm, all teammates were informed not to hold the objective, no matter what the map. My gunner set for the second shift had fried his xbox the nitght before. So I went for at least 2 hours with out a said gunner. I even played a few games in squad battle when there was no one else to play with.

At times I wanted to throw in the towel and walk away. But then something fantastic would happen like a chain gun killtrocity, or an extermination on sandbox in a game of 8 v 8, or even a perfectable(perfection with an invisible) from an unexpecting gunner. Hell even a random got a perfection in one of our games. After another someone from the other team asked for driving lessons. ( I reffered them to this site

I recall such fantastical events accured on this day of "Steve McQueen"ing. There was this one game on Valhalla where the other team had this Banshee that was PINAPPLING up our team. He killed my gunner and when he came back to finish me off I got out and skyjacked him. My cry of victory was,"I'll trade someone a banshee for a warthog." As you can amagine that got its laughs.

It was a fun filled day that had its ups and downs. Some hours I would average over 100 wheelmen others I could'nt break 40. I went to the kitchen 1 time to come back to a game that had already startedand found some random driving my gunner.(I guess they did'nt get the memo) But after that I could close my eyes and slip off to sleep for a few moments, only to here" HEY PIRATE WE KEEPING OR VETOing THIS MAP.(CTF on AVALANCHE HEAVY, lets veto this)

The last game was at 12:13 am the next day. I had made it 24 hours with out cracking. My eyes were bloodshot, my cheekc had streams of water trailing from my eyelids. My Warthog had been busted and beat up more times than I could count. I would die most games only to respawn to a warthog awaiting or have one driven up to me. There should be a medal for groundpounders called WheelThief and anoter called SAVED THE WARTHOGS @$$.
Through it all I learned one important lesson. NO MATTER HOW GOOD AT KEEPING THE WARTHOG ON ALL 4s, a driver is only as good as his gunner, and a warthog is only as good as its team PERIOD no questions asked. ( And please don't debate this fact)
I would then go to sleep for 12 hours, no 13, no 14, wait what day is it. Oh yeah time for workies!
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Re: 24 Hour Wheelman Runs

Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:09 am


I was unable to commit to the full 24 hour run on short notice, but I was on right at midnight. I put in about 11 hours, crashed for a little while and ran another 4. A couple hours in I told Pirate, "I can't remember the last time I had this much fun on Halo..."

Our support was incredible from minute one. In one game we were on a serious hot streak on Standoff, BTB Slayer, 1 of our ground pounders stole the enemy hog and brought it back to our base so we could switch into a "safer" vehicle. We finished that run with an Invincible. I finished the match with 54 kills and only 2 deaths. The day was loaded with great call-outs and big saves that made for probably some of the best teamwork I've seen in a long time. I can't say enough about the people that had Pirate's back all day long.

Here's a few clips from the day:
My Invincible: ... d=91940961
Extermination (Rendered): ... d=92161852
Best Warthog Stick Ever?(Rendered): ... d=91942381
Pirate drives a Perfectable (not for me ::cry:: yet...): ... d=91983283

Since I wasn't in the whole 24 hours... I thought it would be neat to see what 24 hours of stats would look like. So to make up for bailing on my driver I tallied up some stats for fun.

Here’s The Stats…

Wins: 45
Losses: 38
Ties: 8

PirateSolo Wheelmen: 2,054
Average Wheelmen per Hour: 85.59
Average Wheelmen per Game, (Hog Maps only): 23.08

PirateSolo had 9 Hijackings and 40 Splatters
xICEBIRDx had 1,150 Gunner Kills in only 15 hours of gameplay.

Team Stats:
Kills: 8,174
Deaths: 6,070
K/D: +2,104
K/D Ratio: 1.35
Steaktacular Medals: 68

Flags Captured: 64
Bombs Detonated: 16

Triple Kill Medals: 118
Overkill Medals: 35
Killtacular Medals: 9
Killtrocity Medals: 5

Killing Frenzy Medals: 103
Running Riot Medals: 42
Rampage Medals: 17
Untouchable Medals: 11
Invincible Medals: 8

Perfection Medals: 3
Extermination: 1

All in all, this was for sure the most fun I've had on H3 for a while. I can't wait to do it again for the whole 24 hours. You'll never appreciate your crew more than you would on a 24 hour run. Give it a shot!

PS. Pirate! You Pineapple Rock!!!
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Re: 24 Hour Wheelman Runs

Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:44 pm

I would actually consider doing this, would depend on whether i can get my gunner in on it and whether i can actually stay up that long. Perhaps in a month or two when i have less study concerns to deal with

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