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Clantac Summer's End Doubles Tourney

Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:35 pm

You have bee invited by ME of course :) well here is the info on it. Thought you guys might be interested!

Well it is time for another Clantac Tournament! This time around it will be for Halo Reach. So grab your buddy, both of you register for matches if you have not already, and join the tournament.

All teams must create a new team for the tournament when it asks you. Then you must invite your buddy to that team before you become eligible to play.

Teams Must use the GameType that is provided by Clantac for the tourney. The tourney rules is as follows:

- Must use Clantac Provided GameType for each and every round.
- Teams MUST use Default map variants according to the details for each round.
- Teams must be fully registered in order to participate in the tourney.
- Matches must be played BY the date that set for that round otherwise teams will be disqualified.
- Any use of glitches will result in instant disqualification. Film Proof must be provided in a support ticket.

Match Settings:

- 32 Teams (more if signups fill fast)
- Best of 3 rounds per match
- Maps:
Round 1 - The Cage
Round 2 - Zealot
Round 3 - Pinnacle

CTAC SEDT 2010 -

Any problems will be taken care of through the Support Ticket System located under the Clan Matches tab on

Register for Tourney Here! ... &Itemid=53

You guys can bring as many teams you want to the tourney. Hope to see you guys there!

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