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ArmTheFlag's "MLGish" 1v1 Tournament

Thu May 14, 2009 4:31 am

ArmTheFlag’s “MLGish” 1v1 Tournament
MLG Columbus is enough for one month, so we at ATF decided to tone it down a bit…

Date & Time:
-Saturday, June 6 @ 8:00PM EST

Registry Deadline:
-Friday, June 5 @ 5:00PM EST.

Entry Fee:

-Well… Nothing really. But we can’t stop you from bragging about it ;)

Bracket Type:
-Single-Elimination, 32 openings.

Who can sign up:

How to sign up:
-Just click this link, follow the two-step directions, and you will be sent a friend request by “ATF Tournaments”. Wait to be contacted on the date of the tournament by ‘TM Spooner’.

There are only two.
1. Don't talk trash. This is supposed to be fun!
2. Be online for your matches. Your match can only be delayed five (5) minutes, or the absent player forfeits his match.

All maps are based off MLG maps and are modified for 1v1 efficiency; power weapons and powerups removed.
-Round 1: Guardian
-Round 2: Amplified
-Round 3: Guardian
-Round 4: The Pit
-Round 5: Guardian

Gametype Settings:
-15 kills to win.
-No time limit.

For any questions, feel free to ask me via AIM ( heyimspooner ), MSN Messenger ( ), through e-mail ( ), or simply through a Private Message over at (username is ‘spooner’). We hope to see you entered in our tournament!

Sign Up Here
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Re: ArmTheFlag's "MLGish" 1v1 Tournament

Thu May 14, 2009 5:12 am

Damn that sounds like a good time, I'm outta town campin though :(
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Re: ArmTheFlag's "MLGish" 1v1 Tournament

Sun May 31, 2009 7:16 am

Silly question really, as it would probably make it unfair due to connection problems. But what about players from Eu?
I'm happy to play on US host, but am i ineligable to join?
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