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Re: Spartan Gaming

Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:04 pm

H3WM Pennywise wrote:
I thought SG was Seasonned Gamers? Or something like that. Did they change or is Spartan Gaming a different community?

SG or Spartan Gaming is the new home of most of the SBG members who decided a more laid back community cutting out politics and religion was needed. SBG got too argumentative and to many of the staff struggled for power In my point of view.

Here at SG we can get back to the basics of just having fun again with friends. Everyone votes on every decision, there are no leaders..staff, overlords or Over seer's. We police our selves.

Anyhow...yeah, as for the massive clans part of it goes..."Been there Done that!" people know us in the communities that count...OCR and the H3W are great laid back stand up communities who don't need a Larger clan to carry them or make them popular. Their reputation and excellent membership gets them spotlight enough.

This is why I love and respect the H3W and groups like OCR...BSG..Fallen U.etc

hope this helps....Nam
Penny is wise
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Re: Spartan Gaming

Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:15 am

Cool Nam thanks for the info.

Sorry to hear about things not working out with SBG glad you guys are still together under a new banner best of luck.

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