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The Ultimate F.A.Q Guide to (Newbies read!)

Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:06 am

The Ultimate F.A.Q. Guide to…For Beginners!

First things First! Thanks for checking out our little corner of the internet.

Q. So who are we?A. We are an online gaming community, with a primary focus on Halo. We embrace all who subscribe to the idea of good gaming, respecting your opponents and teammates, and actively figuring out and utilizing the best team based strategies.

This website was founded from a Group. We first arrived in awesome web page form on March 24th, 2008. We welcome all new members and would love to share with you any helpful information that would be of use to you or others.

We have a great community here made up of many varied gaming skill sets.

Q. Are there any sort of guidelines for the Forums or Match Making?A. We have a comprehensive Code of Conduct & General Guidelines that you can read more about over here.

Q. Are the HaloWheelmen a Clan?A. Yes. To us, a clan is "a growth-oriented organization of players committed to a set of precepts". We aim to create an environment welcoming to all gamers. We feel the gaming experience is supposed to be enjoyable for everybody, not just a select few.

Q. How do I become a Wheelman?A. Our Clan App can be found here. I'd recommend starting by posting an introduction in this forum, and starting to get games in with our current members.

Q. Can I add HWM to my gamertag?A. Please refrain from doing so until after you've gone through the app process linked above. We do not recognize anyone with HWM tags that aren't Clan members (Blue) on our forums.

Q. Can you give us a rundown on the structure of the community?A. First you have your Administrators. That includes:

Founders and Admins
These guys are the ones who manage the bricks and mortar of the site, the ones who keep the gears greased.

Jon – Owner and Web Guru extraordinaire, runs the site side of things and oversees the devs.

Monster – Team Captain, runs the clan. Oversees recruitment lobbies, practice sessions, and is our primary strategist.

MC – MC runs the forums, keeps things clean and formats guides from member infodumps. Coordinates our events and the PR Dept.

We also have various HWM members involved with specific projects who I'd like to give a shout-out here.

Swift Strider - Does our Youtube work, particularly the weekly highlights.

Gorillars - Is our Social Media Manager. Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Tims - Is our Member of the Month Coordinator. He interviews current wheelmen to give the community a better understanding of who our members are and what we do.

Q. How do the user groups work?A. Official standing is in order of top to bottom:

Admins – Manage the site structure, make sure it is fully functional, and keep the community and fellow Staff in check.

The Wheelmen Clan - This Group is made up of those who truly represent the community of Halo Wheelmen. They have proven that they can follow the Match Making and Forum & Shout Box Code of Conduct in this website as well as other communities. The Wheelmen are held accountable for all actions in both match making and on the internet. They are the held to the highest standard because their actions reflect the philosophy of our community. These members will only associate themselves with other players that uphold our ideals. These elite members have not only been involved within the community for a long period of time, they have been committed to seeing this community prosper. They put in extra time and effort to assist the Staff with projects. They have proven themselves to be worthy in match making. This is NOT a skill based group. Your worth in Match Making is directly related not only to how much fun you are to play with, but also how much fun you are after a loss.

Registered Users – The Orange Group is made up of those who have agreed to follow the Match Making Code of Conduct in an attempt to make online gaming more enjoyable. All registered members are required to follow our Forum & Shout Box Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will result in swift expulsion from the site.

Community VIP - The Community VIP Group is a group for other clan and community leaders, as well as certain non-member individuals that have proven long-term value to the community.

HWM Sword - User group for members who primarily play between 8-12 evening in the Pacific Coast time zones. Join this group to find members to play with other players in this time zone and add anyone you see in this group.

HWM Hammer - User group for members who primarily play between 8-12 evening in the EastCoast time zones. Join this group to find members to play with other players in this time zone and add anyone you see in this group.

HWM Spear - User group for members who primarily play between 8-12 in the European time zones. Join this group to find members to play with other players in this time zone and add anyone you see in this group.

Q. How do the ranks/roles work?A. Ranks have been replaced with Roles with the new site update. Since we are currently Warzone centric, you will be able to select a role that reflects your primary squad. Even as we expand into other games, we hope that your Warzone role will reflect your general playstyle and make it easier to form parties.

I will further expand on this F.A.Q. if needed. If you have a question you would like answered please feel free to ask any member of the Admins, and we will answer it here.

Thanks for Reading
The HWM Staff

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