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Official Code of Conduct & General Guidelines (Updated)

Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:22 pm

Code of Conduct & General Guidelines


The Halo Wheelmen (HWM) is a community established to foster the ideals of good gaming with a focus on one of the most effective weapons in Halo history, the Warthog. To encourage the continuation of friendly ideals within the gaming community we have established a formal Code of Conduct as a guideline for acceptable interactions within our own community as well as within the Match Making environment. No matter if you are in Match Making or on the Forums you should always be respectful. We feel the gaming experience is supposed to be enjoyable for everybody, not just a select few.

Match Making Code of Conduct:

The Match Making Code of Conduct takes into account the circumstances that online gaming presents.

Be Respectful to your Opponents and Teammates!
  • Do not tea-bag! We see this as a form of disrespect, both to your opponents, and also to your teammates that you're abandoning in the moment to selfishly humiliate an opponent. End of discussion.

  • Do not betray! We all know that instances of accidental betrayals occur. However, one should not kill a teammate to obtain access to a specific weapon or vehicle, or for any other reason.

  • Do not quit! Once a match is locked in, you should play it out to the best of your ability. Abandoning your teammates because you're having a bad game is cowardly and disrespectful.

  • Do not trash-talk! In addition to the Forum & Shout Box Code of Conduct, you should never trash talk your opponents team as well as your own team. Keep a positive attitude and gaming will prove to be a better experience for everybody.

Do Not Cheat!
  • Do not manipulate the game! There is no need to change how X-Box Live selects and operates matches. A person should not be 'lag switching', 'IP banning', 'IP flooding', or anything else that effects the way connections are made and continued. Anyone known to be participating in these activities will be banned immediately!

  • Do not boost! Boosting is completely unethical. Our definition of boosting includes experience, medal, and achievement boosting. We believe that the game was not intended to be taken advantage of, so let's play the game as fairly as possible. This also includes full party boosting for K/D spread, Medals etc.

  • Play for the WIN! Nothing is quite like the taste of victory, but victory at the expense of honor is nothing. Games should be finished in a timely manner. Holding the objective or purposely ignoring the objective shows no honor, and only serves to drain the game of any fun for the opposing team.

Forum & Discord Code of Conduct:

Don't be a jerk! This is the core of our Code. These forums are the home of the Halo Wheelmen. We expect you to treat these forums as if you were a guest in another person’s Hog. If you are not acting appropriately, you will be left on the sidewalk.

  • Do not spam!- If you have a great idea, one place is enough for it to be posted; anything else will be considered spam.

  • Do not post just to up your post count! There is nothing on this site that rewards post count, so there is no need to boost your posts. The only thing you will accomplish is wasting time for everybody that looks at your senseless posts.

  • Do not flame! If you find that there is a problem with either a specific post(s) or a specific person(s), you should inform the Staff by Private Message immediately. The Staff will attend to the problem in an appropriate manner. Do not respond with a negative attitude, this only causes more problems.

  • Do not trash-talk! Like my mother always said, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep your mouth shut.”

  • These topics are strictly OFF LIMITS:
    Illegal activities, Politics, Religion, Pornography, Gore

  • We do not tolerate these behaviors:
    Racism, Sexism, Prejudice towards LGBT+, etc

The forums are a place to discuss an unlimited number of topics around the gaming community as well as personal life. If you find yourself wanting to start a new topic, please go through the minimal effort of searching for your topic using the search function in the menu at the top left corner of the forums.

User Groups

Registered Users (the Orange Group):
The Orange group is made up of people who, while not members of the HWM Clan, are considered friends of the community. All Registered Users are required to follow our Forum, Shout Box, and Matchmaking Codes of Conduct. Any registered members not adhering to these Codes will be disciplined as described in the Enforcement Policy below.

The Wheelmen Group (the Blue Group, the “Clan”):
The Blue Group is made up of those who truly represent the community of Halo Wheelmen. They have proven that they can follow the Match Making and Forum & Shout Box Code of Conduct in this website as well as other communities. The Wheelmen are held accountable for all actions in both match making and on the internet. They are the held to the highest standard because their actions reflect the philosophy of our community. These members will only associate themselves with other players that uphold our ideals. These elite members have not only been involved within the community for a long period of time, they have been committed to seeing this community prosper. They put in extra time and effort to assist the Staff with projects. They have proven themselves to be worthy in match making. This is NOT a skill based group. Your worth in Match Making is directly related not only to how much fun you are to play with, but also how much fun you are after a loss.

Enforcement Policy

First Offense - Warning
Second Offense - Sit down with the Administration/Staff (possible suspension/demotion based on severity)
Third Offense - 1-4 week suspension/permanent demotion (based on Admin judgment)
Fourth Offense - License Revoked, you're being left on the sidewalk (This means Banned)

Enforcement Policy Note - If at any time you are seen to be in public dispute with a fellow HWM member, Allies of HWM, or Staff for ANY reason, the preceding steps will be ignored and severe consequences may arise, up to an immediate ban. Either PM staff with personal disputes, or figure them out in PMs between yourselves.

The Staff of HWM will always use their best discretion to moderate all actions that involve members in any capacity. The Staff also reserves the right to amend this policy, and any others, at any time, for any reason.

Edited 12/12/15 for formatting, brevity, new Orange group description and expectations, and so that expectations have now been posted by current staff. ~Duce

Edited 12/15/15 to clarify note regarding public disputes. ~Duce
Edited 4/25/2019 to highlight matchmaking CoC over Forum CoC since we've transitioned mostly to Discord. ~Duce
Edited 1/8/2020 to update expected behavior rules. ~Jon

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