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Warzone: The Wheelmen Way

The Wheelmen Way organizes players into four squads of three players to tackle different objectives in Warzone, named Assault, Backup, Containment, and Defense.

Assault (Alpha): Take down enemy AI bosses and push bases.
Backup (Bravo): Sustain objectives and respond to calls for help, primarily with light vehicles.
Containment (Charlie): Slay the enemy team from a forward position; keep them contained.
Defense (Delta): Anchor your team from your primary base, usually your Armory. Kill your team's bosses

To sort your squads, go into a custom lobby, then have everyone switch to the colors of the squads above.

Gameplan: Squads B, C, and D establish map control and support to enable the A squad to take down high-point objectives (bosses and cores). Generally, whichever teams gets two of the three Legendary bosses will likely win the game.

Everything after this point is about the mentality and philosophy of the system, as well as some specifics. I recommend jumping down to specific squads or maps at this point. I will describe opening strats for each squad, and elaborate a bit by map, and then I will elaborate on the specifics of each squad.

Remember to participate in the Great Assist Continuum.

The System Provides

HWM Guardian said:Warzone is full of so much drama. There are subplots happening all over the map. You could be crouch-walking around the Spire to flank the top, and the enemy team’s Ghost will find you and ruin you, or that same Ghost may go flying past you at Mach 7 because it’s being chased by your team’s Warthog.

We want to make sure you can pull off that flank. We want that enemy Ghost running from your Hog every time.

As for Warzone scoring, each neutral base earns one point every five seconds, each spartan kill earns one point, small bosses earn 25 points, and legendary bosses earn 150 points. to put that in perspective, one boss is equal to 2:05 of a single base control. The system maximizes the scoring potential of your team.

Spoiler: show
Warzone games break down into many smaller engagements, and as such creating smaller squads that play to different strengths allows players of disparate skillsets to achieve mutual success with everyone playing the way that they most enjoy. I never expected campaign and firefight experience to mesh with people who preferred to only fight Spartans, and yet Warzone means that both groups of players need the other to achieve success.

In Warzone, players are going to make the kinds of plays that consistently provide success for them. BTB veterans are going to fight for the middle position of strength and BR the hell out of everything that moves. Objective players tend to flank the opposition and disrupt setups or stealth-capture vacant armories. Defensive players who avoid confrontational engagements will position around their Armory with a light rifles to fight the aggressive team. Other players who know they need points to win will pursue down the bosses to get the points and snatch legendary bosses.

Squads bring unity. Squads provide security. Squads simplify the gametype. Squads make things a lot of fun.

Now, if you prefer to just push forward and overpower the other team and you hear about something going wrong behind you, you know you’re on Containment and it’s the Backup squad’s job to help out the people at your Armory. When a legendary boss spawns in, you on Assault know that the Containment team will slay anyone approaching from the enemy Armory and your Backup team will have Hogs, Ghosts, or Gungooses in the area to take out anyone who sneaks past, allowing you to focus on taking down the boss quickly. If you play Defense, you know you shouldn’t have to fight half the enemy team pouring into your armory all game. Hoggers on Backup know where their teammates are likely to play and can be useful with a Warthog and survive a lot longer to rack up wheelmans.

The squad system breeds trust, which leads to teamwork, which leads to satisfying wins.

The Squads

Each squad has different priorities. Below are some recommendations for them.


These are your power slayers. The Assault squad should consistently disrupt the enemy's setups. They will push and flank the enemy constantly to either steal their bosses or take their bases from them. These three players should rally together with REQs and push together to create additional problems for the enemy to solve besides taking out your other squads or setting up for bosses.

There are three primary roles on Assault:

  • Base Clearer - Coordinates the base push, calls the interior setup
  • Assassin- Coordinates the boss steal on the enemy side, or takes down major enemy threat.
  • Bodyguard - Power slays to anchor objective pushes


These are your light vehicle specialists and your primary shotcaller. The Backup squad provides quick-response support to the rest of the team. Normally, we use Warthogs, Ghosts, and Gungooses for this as they are readily available as common REQs. The Backup team can make it exceedingly difficult for the enemy team to organize a coordinate push, and provide quick support for the Assault team to kill a boss cleanly and then help Containment hold the forward position.

Spoiler: show

If the other team is proactive about shutting down vehicles, help control the middle base or help take it on foot. Remember that Backup team provides support for the aggressiveness of the team. This team is the one likely to pull off the sneaky flank.

There are three primary roles on Backup:

  • Driver - Maintain map control; kill enemies in transition near contested areas. Upgrade to stronger ground vehicles.
  • Gunner - Slay everything from the turret. Upgrade to aerial vehicles.
  • Floater - Find drama. End it.


These are your forward slayers. They are going to take over strong positions to force the enemy team back. They’re posted up with BRs (usually) early game from the middle or pushing the middle.

Late game they’re likely to spawn higher value power weapons and vehicles to continue pushing forward onto the other team.

There are three primary roles on Containment:

  • Anchor BR - Holds the strongest position in the major area of contest. Coordinate other two members
  • Support BR - Hold the flank of the power position to create cross fire
  • Flank BR - Move around the anchor position being held to shoot enemies in the back


These are your support slayers. They anchor the team and provide the safest spawns possible for people. They keep enemies controlled on your side of the map and ensure that anyone who spawns at the Armory has a low chance of being spawn-killed. They also secure bosses within your team's zone of control.

There are three primary roles on Defense:

  • Sentry - Survey the map and keep the entire team positioned well.
  • Boss Slayer- Takes out bosses and puts useful power weapons in play
  • Ranger- Long range fire to strengthen the containment anchor.

Opening Strategies

Like any Halo game, the overall tone of the game is established within the first minute. As such, blitz strategies tend to be very effective. Clear the main base quickly (beat 20 seconds), and then simultaneously take both armories to allow for an easier time taking mid. Controlling mid makes everything else easier.

For Map Callouts, please click here.

Exiting the Pelicans: Quickly glance right and left, move toward the nearest REQ station and kill all enemies down that path. Inside the bases, another group of Prometheans will warp in near both doors. Headshot the Crawlers and teamshoot the soldier, aiming for the glowing bits.

Escape from A.R.C.

Attack the enemy Armory at the start. All three bases are so close on this map that forcing the enemy team back to their main base spawns early can cripple them.

Spoiler: show
Assault: Rush our armory and quickly clear most of the AI before pushing on to the enemy. Make sure Defense arrives to finish capping.

Backup: Gunner spawn a hog. Driver get in and come through the tunnel to cut off attackers coming for your armory. Floater ride in Hog and bail at Garage to provide support shot and then start clearing garage.

Containment: All three blitz over the top of our Armory onto our rocks to stop a rush, and then rush their Armory.

Defense: Kill the Elite, then ake control of your Armory quickly. Post up to land pistol/BR shots at enemies running around the map. Help clear garage if your armory is safe.

Here is the Assault start going very well:

Here is the Containment start from the same game going very well:

Whether your team takes both armories or not, you must secure your Armory quickly (read: first) to ensure your teammates get forward spawn needed to fight for mid. Containment’s job is to delay/capture the enemy Armory to reduce the numbers they can bring forward to the Garage.

March on Stormbreak

Focus on the Fortress. The legendary boss and the strength of the Fortress position make it too important to attack the opposing Armory first.

Note: Anyone planning to get in a vehicle should not run over soldier corpses. Others need the splinter grenades.

Spoiler: show
Assault: Acquire splinter grenades from soldier corpses and push low into the Fortress. Quickly kill Watchers (the flying drones; they catch grenades). Then, throw splinter grenades at the boss and blow up the glowing parts of his arms. Punch or destroy his back piece when the arm parts break off. Finish helping clear the Fortress.

Backup: Spawn Warthog. All three load up and head down the Walkway. Passenger bail by their boxes and support the Warthog. Stay on the enemy flank and disrupt people pushing from the Armory to the Fortress.

Containment: Push high into the Fortress through Big Door. Take out the AI soldiers and Spartans. Fight off the enemy team and push them out of the Fortress. If possible, push outside of the Fortress and cut off the approach from the opposing Armory.

Defense: Secure your Armory. Leave one person posted on top of the Armory as sentry. Other two push forward to help secure Fortress and provide support to problems on your side of the map in case the enemy team sends vehicles immediately.

Here is five minutes of the Backup Hog on Stormbreak:

After the AI boss dies, both teams will fully commit to taking the Fortress. Regardless of which team gets the boss, fight for Fortress control.

Raid on Apex-7

Disrupt/Take the opposing Armory to control mid. Deal with the hunters.

Spoiler: show
Assault: Base Clearer and Assassin should get on both mongooses and pull them to the right to pick up the Bodyguard and Anchor BR. Go right (looking at your base) and attack the opposing Armory.

Backup: Spawn a hog, turn to your right coming out of the home base and guard your armory, then push to cut off people coming to Spire. Watch the flank to your Armory from the Nest and Caves. Floater go left (looking at your home base) with Defense and help secure your armory.

Containment: Push right out of the Pelicans and clear the AI on the right side, then push to the enemy armory. Fall back to Spire if your Assault team dies.

Defense: Head left out of the Pelicans and clear the AI. Secure your Armory, post one player on top, then send the other two to take the Spire.

Here is the Assault Team taking the enemy Armory at the start:

The Defense team can take the elites out in the Red Caves or Blue Passage to use their swords to help take down the hunters if they prove persistent.

Battle of Noctus

Oriented looking at the Monument from your home base, secure the Left Garage and the Monument, then try to quickly take the Right Garage.

Spoiler: show
Assault: Lift up to the ridge side of the Walkway to skip over the Elite, and then drop down to come up under the right side of Monument (Clamber up the Window or the ramp facing away from you. Create crossfire with Containment.

Backup: Spawn a hog, drive out the left door and hop the curb to cut off people coming from their Elite. Clear anyone on the low side of the Monument. Attack the opposing garage if they don't cap quickly.

Containment: Gather PPs and Storm rifles. Lift onto the Walkway and push the bridge into Monument. Move along the left ring together. Push the enemy landing if you win the early battle.

Defense: Bring Needlers and PPs off the Grunts to quickly kill the Elite, and then head left and capture that garage. Then set up to take the enemy Hydra soldier at their Alley.

Final Tips

  • Try to rely on the people in your squad to solve problems as they’re going to likely be dealing with the same problems as you.
  • Focus on your role. The teamwork will sort itself out if everyone is sticking to their role.
  • Don’t use REQ stations or spawn high-value REQs at contested or unsafe bases.
  • If you need to spawn a vehicle at your home base, physically spawn first and use a REQ station at the home base, otherwise you spawn at Garage or Fortress.
  • Keep callouts short and direct. There are a lot of people talking.

Have fun!