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Hydra Guide

Basic Info

-Medium Range

-5 REQ to spawn

-6 rockets per clip and 2 clips total on spawn

-6 kills possible if killed one at a time with 2 rockets each. Unsure of rarer versions at this time

-Mildly effective against clusters of enemies, but splash damage is minimal


-You must be zoomed in to lock on to an enemy.

-After locking on you can direct the rockets by looking in a direction quickly before firing. You can't take to long or the lock on will fail. This is useful for directing the rockets up over cover or around a corner.

-The Hydra has very low effectiveness outside of it's optimal range. Too close and the enemy can easily dodge the rockets and too far and the lock on won't work making the Hydra useless.

-You should take out the enemy closest to you that is still within the optimal range. You don't want to let them get too close and it's easier to dodge BR fire from people further away.

-If you can take out an enemy that is jacking a higher level friendly vehicle (Hog or better), but you will die in the process you should do it. The Hydra is a great weapon to get people out of power positions but it can only kill a maximum of 6 people on average. A friendly vehicle has much more potential to distract or kill the enemy. You should also sacrifice it for weapons like the Rocket Launcher in most situations as it is has much more potential to do damage to the enemy team.

-The trick to countering the Hydra is to either get too close for the enemy to use it effectively or to use sharp angles to avoid the rockets. If you are close to a corner and duck around it the rockets won't be able to turn sharp enough to hit you. You can also drop directly behind a piece of cover for the same effect. Be warned, given enough open space the rockets will loop around and come back for you.

Map Specifics

Escape from A.R.C.

-The top of the armories, the Rocks, and Garage roof are all effective locations to use the Hydra where you can catch the enemy in transition at medium range where they will have a hard time avoiding the rockets.

-On ARC the open space between the buildings make safe transition difficult if you are trying to use the Hydra at the same time. You should transition quickly and only use the Hydra when you are in a power position.

-Inside the buildings or along the tunnel sides there is too much cover or the spaces are too enclosed to use the Hydra well. You should avoid these areas when trying to use the Hydra.

-Watch for anyone using this weapon from the power positions and stick near cover you can duck directly behind. Avoiding the rockets can also be done in the open if you time a boost just right, but you would have to see the rockets coming to even attempt this.[/list]

March on Stormbreak

-The top of the armories, inside the tunnel, and shooting out of one of the Fortress doors are all effective locations to use the Hydra where you can catch the enemy in transition at medium range where they will have a hard time avoiding the rockets.

-On Stormbreak the amount of cover between certain locations on the map limits the effectiveness of the Hydra. You will have to use it at a closer range most of the time than is ideal. It can be effective for keeping infantry at bay within the tunnel as they run towards your side. You should use the stairs at your end of the tunnel walkway as cover and lock on to them as the run towards you. The tunnel under Fortress is also a good spot to catch people in an area with no cover.

-The inside of Fortress has too many angles to dodge the rockets.

-Avoid running in a straight line towards the enemy side of the map through the tunnels without paying attention. Also approach the enemy armory with the Stargate in between to cut off line of site for any Hydra users.[/list]

Raid on Apex-7

-The Nests can be an effective location for locking on to people in the rocks next to Spire. The rocks leading up to the top of Spire can be a good location to shoot at the enemy on Spire from and help clear them out in a push. The beaches have a lot of open space as well which will make dodging behind cover difficult for enemies.

-You should always move where you have cover and the enemy will have to come out into the open to approach you. This will give you the best chance to lock on to them when they won't be able to get behind cover. The path along the Ridge and in front of Chasm is a good example of this.

-Inside the many tunnels is a bad place to try to use the Hydra, they are too enclosed and make the Hydra difficult to use when the enemy is BRing you.

-Avoid the open areas of the map if an enemy is using a Hydra. Stick to moving along the walls and near cover you can duck behind.[/list]

Courtesy of Jon LH Hart