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Warthog Guide

The Warthog dominates early Warzone. At 2 REQ, it enables two people to share a cheap REQ that can completely shut down enemy transition. The Warthog is a highly-maneuverable vehicle that allows two people to split responsibilities. The driver positions and the gunner slays. Together they can alter the entire makeup of a game. An effective Warthog disrupts enemy movement and forces them to seek alternative paths or post up to kill the Warthog instead of pushing an area your team holds. Only the Banshee can shut down an enemy team as effectively as a Warthog. Also, the fact that two people share the Hog enables a duo to reliably run Warthogs in every game of Warzone.

General Tips

Switching Seats:
You can switch seats by pressing the jump button. This is can be extremely useful for a quick pickup, or ousting an annoying hijacker from your hog. Example video:

Spoiler: show

Vehicle Health:
  1. The Warthog has about four or five stages of health.
  2. As you take damage, you will hear a crack sound and see a visual effect as more permanent damage builds up on the Hog.
  3. When the hood starts to smoke, your hog is vulnerable and will likely not survive another vehicle battle or concentrated team fire.
  4. When the hood is on fire, your hog will blow up easily to one person shooting. When the dashboard is flashing red, the hog is essentially one-shot.

  5. Coordinated AR fire is extremely dangerous to Warthogs. Beware marines and beware three or more concentrated ARs at once.

Warzone Warthog REQs:
  • Warthog, common, 2
  • Corp Hog, common, 2 (extra armor)
  • Urban Hog, uncommon, 2 (upgraded armor)
  • Oni Hog, rare, 3 (Heavy armor, Explosive rounds, No overheat)

Driver Tips

Bouncing: The Warthog likes to fly. Whenever you go over a rise in the road or off a rock, the Warthog tends to soar. Slowing down and driving smoothly is the key to successful hogging. If the hog is bouncing up and down, your gunner can't aim at the people you want them to kill.

Drive in the direction of the wheels you have on the ground to save your Warthog from rolling.

If your hog is starting to roll, do not try to make the hog drive to reorient to your camera; instead, reorient your camera to straighten the hog visually and drive in the direction of whatever wheels are on the ground.

Basic Driving Priorities

  1. Never attack AI if enemies will be able to shoot your gunner
  2. Focus on killing Infantry in transition (enemies moving from one point of cover to another)
  3. Limit line of sight on your gunner; use cover as soon as your gunner gets shot
  4. Stick to the discipline; don't try to do too much
  5. Don't be too greedy for splatters, it gets you flipped, boarded, or killed too often

Warzone Starts

Below in the spoilers are voiced-over starts from HWM Sarge on how to effectively start on each Warzone map:

Apex 7
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Gunner Tips

The Turret The Halo 5 Warthog turret is probably the strongest chaingun turret in Halo history. Finally, the 50-cal turret feels like it's more powerful than a single BR. However, the gunner has never been more vulnerable to precision weapon headshots than ever. Gunners need to constantly kill or suppress people who are likely to kill them or their teammates.

The Shield The turret has a bullet shield for the gunner. When you're in danger of teamshot, point toward the enemies shooting at you, and then look straight into the air. It will make your Spartan crouch on the turret and angle the shield to protect your head while your driver gets you away. It's also an easy way to let your driver see that you're in trouble.

Switching Seats This is a new tactic for Halo 5. If you're in danger of dying, switch seats to climb into the passenger seat. The body of the hog will offer you more protection.

The most important thing for gunners is awareness. Gunners need to be aware of the map, their radar, and be able to predict where the enemies will show up. They also need to react quickly to sudden threats to the hog. Gunners must not become dependent on the driver pointing the hog at enemies s/he wants killed. As for turreting skill itself, you'll become a steadier shot with more practice.

The video below shows how to gun in a Hog v Hog situation.
Spoiler: show
Criporc wrote:
This is how you gun during a hog vs hog. Aim for the gunner. From now on, that's how you gun!

Basic Gunner Priorities
  1. Watch for enemies. The driver will keep you alive. Don't stare down the front of the hog.
  2. Stop firing between targets. It lets the gun cool, reduces spread, and lets your driver know you're shooting at a new target.
  3. Feather the trigger. This communicates to your driver that you see something you want to kill but can't get an angle on.
  4. Target Prioritization: Kill any threat to the hog first, then threats to your teammates, and then targets of opportunity.
  5. Shoot boarders: You can look down and shoot the guy off who is boarding your driver.

The video below contains voice over commentary over a 50 kill /30 assist Warthog run in Warzone by HWM Sarge and HWM Guardian using many of the methods detailed above.
Spoiler: show

Now go into the Warzone or BTB and put this stuff to work and see the Wheelman medals and gunner kills just rain on you.