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Backup Squad is highly mobile, and utilizes broad map awareness. Led by the Warthog, the Backup Squad sustains the various objectives for the team. The hog helps the Assault squad transition safely on a push. It helps the Containment squad fight off aggressive pushes for our bases, and helps the Defense squad control leaks and secure bosses. Backup remains highly mobile to preemptively take down threatens and respond to calls for help.

  • Sustain the team’s objectives and map control
  • Primary hog lays down supporting fire at any area of conflict in the game
  • Floater focuses on counter-plays against the enemy’s tactics and responds to friendly squad’s callouts for backup/assistance.

  1. Driver- Constantly nudge the enemy team into advantageous pathing for your team
  2. Gunner- Prioritize targets to demoralize the enemy team.
  3. Floater- Counter enemy pushes and sustain ours - sense potential drama and end it.

Raid on Apex-7

Out of Pelicans:
Spoiler: show
Gunner heads into the home base quickly after putting shots into the Jackals and a few elites to spawn the hog as soon as possible.
Driver lingers a bit longer to put shots down on the remaining Jackals/Elites and then runs to the vehicle spawn or waits at the right door (right looking out of your base) for the gunner.
Floater goes left with Defense (bring a plasma pistol, needler, or storm rifle) and heads to the Chasm or Big Rock to prepare for an enemy rush and call it out.

Hog Start:

Floater: Head past our armory to cut off the rush. On Red Spawn, head to the Chasm with a plasma pistol or Needler to take out mongoose rushers. (1) On Blue Spawn, head under the Big Rock and watch the top of our Armory to shoot people jumping over. (2)

Red Side:

Blue Side:

After Armory Secured:
Spoiler: show
[Once the hog knows that we will cap our Armory without need of assistance, the hog pushes toward the enemy’s sniper nest to watch for people coming out of it to reinforce their armory, or push on to their armory to help finish capping theirs if Containment/Assault calls for help.

Whether we cap the enemy armory or not, the Hog should focus on killing anyone trying to approach the Spire.

The Floater should head toward the Sword Zealot spawn (Red Side near the Plateau) to meet one or two of the Defense players to get the Swords for the Hunters. Take the Swords to the Spire, and team up with the Boss Slayer to take out the Hunters to relieve Containment and Assault of the responsibility.

Regardless whether we win Spire or not:
Spoiler: show
Hog: Focus on controlling the enemy transition to important objectives (Spire/Armory control, bosses)
Floater: Counter enemy REQs. Make sure we win legendary bosses and don’t lose the Spire. Respond at once to any other squads that are in distress or calling for backup/specific plays.

Effective Hog zones:
  • Tunnel: Whether we are red/blue team or control the Spire, controlling the tunnel always leads to hogging success.
  • Chasm: Protected transitional lane for the hog
  • Spire Rocks: On either side, the hog can get work done disrupting enemy setups

When Hogging Doesn’t Work:
Spoiler: show
Play on foot or upgrade to higher vehicles. Banshees and Scorpions are especially effective on Apex 7.

Coordinate with Floater more to become a mobile force on foot.

Escape from A.R.C.

Out of Pelicans:
Spoiler: show
Clear AI. Gunner spawn first hog. Floater grab a carbine and get in the side of the hog. Driver go left if red, right if blue (this will take you over the bridge). Hog swing wide of the Garage after heading out of the tunnel and drop Floater behind the Garage. Hog then aid fellow squadmates in finishing capture of Friendly Armory or pushing of Enemy Armory, achieved by killing enemies in transition to the Garage from mouth of Tunnel or enemies pushing to rocks from Enemy Armory.

If friendly squads are finding early success, Hog pushes Enemy Tunnel and establishes a presence near Enemy Rover and Tunnel Exit, delaying rival spartans in transition from Enemy Core spawn to Enemy Armory. Make sure to use Hit-and-Run tactics, and use much caution, as the enemy numbers can quickly rise and overcome the friendly Hog, being close in proximity to Enemy Core.

Hog Start:

Floater: After clearing AI from the base, use a Carbine req and meet hog by vehicle bay. Get into the passenger seat and deploy to put yourself in position to get on top of the garage. From here, assist assault and containment squads by picking off/laying fire on enemy armory. Keep tabs on the tunnel entrance to check for flankers.

From RED side:

From BLUE side:

If we win Garage:
Spoiler: show
Hog: Focus on controlling the enemy transition to important objectives (Garage/Armory control, bosses)
Floater: Counter enemy REQs. Make sure we win legendary bosses and don’t lose the Garage.

If we lose Garage:
Spoiler: show
Hog: Provide friendly squads with cover while in transition from our Friendly Armory/Tunnel to Garage, allowing them to sustain health and efficacy while entering Garage to re-take. Draw fire away from squadmates that are able to enter the Garage and begin the take back process.

Floater: Determine the most effective rally point for you to join a coordinated push to the Garage for retaking, synchronize position with friendly squads and provide support with the proper REQ for the situation, either joining the front line push or eliminating enemies on Top Garage that could potentially cause problems for your friendly Hog.

Effective Hog zones:
Spoiler: show
  • Enemy Rock - Use it as cover against their Armory to kill people moving out to our Armory or Garage.
  • Our Rock - Keeps the hog inside of our team's zone of fire
  • Enemy tunnel - Shuts down their exterior transitional routes
  • Behind Garage - Forces enemies to chase the hog into unfamiliar territory

When Hogging Doesn’t Work:
Spoiler: show
Play on foot or upgrade to higher vehicles. Possibly split into two Ghosts rather than a single Hog to provide more distraction for friendly squads.

Alternatively, consistently get on top of the garage and put shots into enemies running around the map.

March on Stormbreak

Out of Pelican:
Spoiler: show
Head towards your nearest REQ station and clear AI in a timely manner. Gunner spawns first hog (as is tradition). Driverawaits Hog at friendly core vehicle spawn. Floater will REQ a Carbine and join the Driver whilst waiting for Hog spawn and forward deployment. All three backup members garrison Hog.

Hog Start:

If Red team, head out right side with full hog towards friendly walkway. Blue Team heads out left side with full hog towards friendly walkway. Cruise said walkway making sure to warn friendly squadmates of your presence to prevent friendly fire, and deploy Floater at big door for assistance with Lochagos and Fortress.

Hog Duo continues passed Big Door and establishes a presence between Enemy Low Door and Enemy Finger - cutting off enemy spartans in transition from Enemy Armory/Walkway allowing friendly squads time and breathing room to deal with Lochagos and assure Fortress capture.

Floater should try to push up to the enemy Walkway and put shots into enemies trying to slip past or kill the Warthog.

During Fortress Battle:
Spoiler: show
Hog Duo will focus on lower levels of Fortress giving friendly squadmates the ability to focus on the higher levels of Fortress. Floater will determine most effective rally point and aid friendly squads in retaking of the upper levels.

After capture of Fortress and close to the 4:00 minute mark, Hog Duo will push tunnel and provide the Boss Slayer with cover and room to eliminate the Covert Major. Post Covert Major capture, head to the mouth of the enemy Tunnel and establish a presence between enemy Stargate and Tunnel providing cover and support for advancing Assault/Containment squads.

Spoiler: show
If the Fortress battle is going poorly and the Gunner and Floater are dead, have the Floater spawn a shotgun and get into the sideseat. Head through Tunnel. Kill anyone in front of you, and then get the Hog inside of the enemy armory. Bail out and capture the enemy armory. Instruct Assault to begin spawning with you at the enemy armory and attempt to finish the Fortress Capture.

Otherwise, engage in a two-armory strategy to pin the enemy team into the Fortress and dominate boss spawns.

Battle of Noctus

Out of the Pelican:
Spoiler: show
After boots hit ground, clear all AI while heading towards your closest REQ station. Gunner will spawn hog. Driver will await hog at vehicle spawn. Floater will REQ a Carbine and lift to the Walkway. Regardless of Red/Blue the hog will continue out the left door towards bottom of Monument by hopping over the barrier.

Hog Start:

Floater lift to the Walkway, and then head right to put shots into enemies coming across their bridge to Monument from the Alley (Hydra Soldier spawn). (1)

(1) Alley Angle on Enemy Bridge Approach:

Hog Duo linger around the top of their Boss Spawn (Elite Prime) and be ready to open fire on any enemy in transition to the Bottom of Monument. This provides our friendly squads more breathing room in Top Monument to clear AI and focus on enemies on a single level rather than have to worry about multiple angles of attack/enemies charging up dark/light ramp.

After enemies in transition are eliminated, proceed to circle Bottom Monument for stragglers Actively search for possible threats to squadmates and eliminate them. Lend aid to squadmates attempting to secure either South/North Garage and respond to pertinent calls for backup. If the enemy has not begun capturing their garage, grab the floater and immediately push their garage.

At the 4:00 minute mark:
Spoiler: show
Ghost Jockeys will be deployed via Phantom directly in front of either Home Base in the middle of the street. Head towards our Home Base and assist Assault with the Ghost Jockey. After the Ghost Jockey is destroyed by either team, listen to see if Defense needs help with the other Ghost Jockey. Otherwise, help Assault use the Fuel Rod to push onto the enemy garage.

If Monument isn’t Captured:
Spoiler: show
Cautiously ascend to Top Monument to provide support taking care not to splatter friendly squadmates or reduce their shields. Top Monument is often a desperate/bold play when the time calls for it, as there are a multitude of different angles and hiding spots enemy spartans can dip into/make it difficult for you to lay down fire, while simultaneously making the friendly hog an easier target/nade stick.

Fallback: Switch to a two man Ghost patrol to provide better distraction/survivability and respond to any friendly squadmates call for backup. REQ higher classed vehicles such as the Tank/Wraith and instill fear through mechanized superiority.

Keep in Mind:
Spoiler: show
Noctus has an incredible amount of elevated positions and cover that provide the enemy spartans a safe position to do much damage to the friendly hog. If a couple of enemies decide to put shots into you, they will very much have the lines of sight and cover in which to do so. Driver be ready/already heading to cover when you encounter increasing amounts of incoming fire.